Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel

Sierra-Echo Aussies
Breeder of numerous champion, herding, obedience, agility, therapy and
tracking titled dogs...that you CAN live with!


ASCA Hall of Fame Dam #199
A-CH Sierra-Echo Firedancer NA NAJ HIC
Cataract Mutation Clear
"Tabu" pictured at 12 yrs with Sarah

Breeding attitude with quality conformation 
while preserving genuine type,
herding instinct
and versatility

 Sarah Elhoffer
(850) 957-4111

(near Pensacola, Florida)

bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Background/Dedication bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Ransom/Tabu
bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Hazard bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Fame bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Stoker bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Stoker Pups bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Bravo
bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)More Winners bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Future Winners bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Photos
bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Litter Plans  bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Pedigrees
bd15056_.gif (218 bytes) Nationals
bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Search and Rescue

bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Alpacas bd15056_.gif (218 bytes)Canaries

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